Cappadocia Underground City Tours

There’s nothing like taking Cappadocia Underground City Tours, as the experience would linger in your memory for a good time. Cappadocia is a land of natural wonders, but the work human has done is also amazing. Yes, it’s famous for surreal landscapes and incredible rock formations, but the underground cities built by humans have added to its popularity. A visit to this magical region is incomplete without visiting at least one of these underground cities.

Probably, Cappadocia has more than a hundred underground cities. It is believed that the Phrygians were the first to build underground cities in this region around the 8th century BCE. The cities were meant to protect them from foreign invasion. Thousands of people lived in the cities in total secrecy. Later, in the Roman era, Christians inhabited these cities as they were facing Roman persecution. For centuries people have sought refuge in the underground cities.

Derinkuyu and Kaymakli underground cities are the most popular and most visited. The city was able to protect thousands people and it had large stone doors to keep the invaders from entering. It has ventilation systems, many rooms, warehouses, and churches. Tourists can visit 8 levels, though it has more underground levels.

Kaymakli has 8 levels, but only four can be visited. Tourists can visit stores, churches, kitchens, stables, and more sections. In 1985, UNESCO awarded it the World Heritage Status.

Both cities have been studied well and they will continue to attract the interest of archaeologists until all the mysteries are solved. These underground cities are traces left by ancient civilizations and we are fortunate that we can visit and explore them. So, when you plan your trip to Cappadocia, make sure you give priority to visiting an underground city.

Different tours would offer different travel itineraries. Some tour packages might let you visit only one underground city and with some, you may be able to visit more than one underground city. You can also go for longer tours that will involve many attractions including a subterranean city. These tours are recommended as they will allow you to see more of Cappadocia. For example, if you take the green tour you will visit the Pigeon Valley, Ihlara Valley, and more attractions including Kaymakli Underground City. But, it’s up to you, you should go for whatever suits you.

You should take some time and do good research before you choose or tour package. You should check complete details like what’s included and important information.

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