What are the best places to stay?

Cappadocia is without a doubt one of the most stunning regions on earth. This beautiful region in Central Turkey is famous for its rock formations and fairy chimneys. It’s a large region with several small and large towns, so when you visit the place it would be hard for you to decide where you should stay. Not only, you need to choose the best town you must also choose the right hotel, so you can make most of this visit and enjoy all aspects of this region.

What are the best places to stay?

If you go to Pigeon Valley you can see and explore the cave houses.

For most of the tourists, Goreme and Uchisar, the two major towns in this region are the ultimate place to stay. There is no doubt that these towns are incredible, but there are other small towns too that offer incredible views and great living experience.

Goreme would be the right pick for you if you are visiting this region for the very first time. This town is the most popular town of the region and certainly the busiest one. It has great restaurants, shops, and hotels. If you have a low budget, then this is the right town for you as it provides different options. You can go to Devrent Valley and check the rock formations. If you take a hot air balloon ride you can see the spectacular scenery and fly over the fairy chimneys. You can visit the open air museum as well.

If you go to south of Goreme you will reach Uchisar, another famous town of this region. It’s the highest place of Cappadocia, so it provides views that you won’t get from anywhere else. If you are with your family, it’s the right town for you as it’s a bit quiet as compared to Goreme and it has luxury hotels where you can stay with your family. You can go to Uchisar Castle and get the amazing views of the town from the top of the castle.

Another great town is Ortahisar, located over the hill from Goreme. If you have a tight budget, this town has some great affordable hotels for you. These hotels, despite being affordable are as luxury as other hotels in this region. This town also hosts the tallest chimney if this region, the rock castle. When you are here you can visit the Uzengi Valley and the House of Memories.

If you love pottery then you should stay in Avanos, a town famous for pottery-making. If you stay there you will see pottery being made. Furthermore, if you like you can also take a pottery-making class and learn to do it yourself. Even though this town is not as famous as the town we have discussed before, it still has several great hotels where you can stay.

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