How foreign tourists can travel to this region?

If you are on a tour to Turkey and want to see the beautiful Cappadocia we would tell different ways of getting there. This would be a guide for foreign tourists as well as local tourists who are visiting the region for the first time.

How to travel?

You need to apply for an e-visa before you can travel to Turkey.

We would begin by appreciating you on your decision to visit this great region of Turkey. It would be a great experience for you as you are going to visit a place that has no completion in this world. There are different ways by which you can reach to Cappadocia, but the first thing you need as a foreign tourist is a tourist visa. But, if you are a citizen of Brazil, Italy, Japan, and France, etc you can travel there without a visa. You can apply for it online, there are certain qualifications that you need to meet, and if you do, your application would be approved and you would get an e-visa.

After you have got the visa, you are ready to travel. Now, you should know you can’t get to Cappadocia directly from your country. This means you would have to travel to other cities in the country and then get to this region. The best options for you are Istanbul and Pamukkale. If you want a non-stop flight to Cappadocia then you should land at Istanbul Ataturk airport. This facility is not available if you land at Pamukkale airport. So, you will have to use other means such as a bus to get to this region.

So, we would suggest you book a ticket to Istanbul airport, so you could travel to this region via plane saving time and ensuring safety. You can choose from two airports that Cappadocia has, Nevsehir Airport and Kayseri Airport. Both airports are just 40 minutes to an hour away from the region. So, once you have reached any of the airports you can take a bus to reach your destination.

If you don’t want to travel by plane the best option for you is to travel by bus. There are different companies that provide services; you can choose the one you like the most. It would take you around 10 hours to reach from Istanbul to Cappadocia. It’s a long time, but it would save you money and you can enjoy the beautiful views along the way.

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