Uchisar Rock Houses in Turkey

Enjoy a stay like never before at Uchisar Rock Houses and it would be one of the highlights of your tour. Cappadocia has seen the rise and fall of several empires. The Hittites, the Byzantine Empire, and many others governed this region. Today, you can explore the underground cities in which they lived and explore the churches in which they practiced their religion. But more interestingly, you can stay in the cave homes they built, as a great number of them have been turned into hotels.

The rock formations were created by volcanic eruption, wind, and erosion. The rock’s resistance was broken down by the natural effects of weather, rain, and wind, resulting in some spectacular formations. After that, it was all the work of humans, who carved the rocks and formed homes, churches, towers, and more.

Cappadocia is known for its rock-cut architecture and this is one of the top attractions for visitors from around the world. Its spectacular landscapes, with valleys and incredible rock formations, attract over a million visitors every year. Goreme attracts the most number of visitors, but the nearby town of Uchisar is also a great option if you want to explore the best of Cappadocia.

It’s a small and rather quiet town, but it has almost everything Cappadocia is known for. Whether you want to see fairy chimneys, hike a valley, stay in cave hotels, or explore ancient structures, Uchisar offers an opportunity to do it all.

Staying in a rock house is indeed a great idea, but you should keep in mind that many hotels offer rock rooms, but they are either rebuilt or in exclusive hotels. You should do some research and find out whether the cave hotel is an ancient structure or a modern building. Though staying in a modern building can also be an interesting experience, your priority should be to stay in an actual cave hotel.

Cave hotels are very popular among tourists, and this is why you have to book a room well in advance. When you visit the online platform of any hotel, you will see the available rooms. The online platforms of the hotel usually provide complete information i.e. available rooms, amenities offered, cost, and more.

Though the hotels offer many amenities, not all the rooms might feature all of them. So you should check what amenities are offered before you book a room. If you want to book an activity or tour, they offer these services as well. Many tours are available for Cappadocia, and Red and Green tours are among the popular options.

Even if you don’t book a tour, you can explore Uchisar on your own. The Uchisar Castle might be on top of your list, so you should visit it first. Make sure to go all the way to the top and enjoy the views from all the corners.

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