Uchisar History

Just a glance at the Uchisar history would tell you how historically important this place was. It can’t be said for sure when the town was first settled and who were the first people to inhabit it. But, what can be said is that it’s the first gate in this region.

When Topakli and Asikli Mound were unearthed, archeologists found the oldest objects discovered to date in Uchisar, belonging to polished stones and the Neolithic era. Tablets were also found in Acem Mound and Kultepe, written by the Hittites and Assyrians. This historical town of Cappadocia was used to defend and observe the underground cities for centuries. The early Christians sought refuge in its castle.

During the period when Anatolian Principalities were established, it was called ‘Ucasar’. During that period, western Anatolia was controlled by Kadi Burhanettin Principality and the eastern part was controlled by Seljuks and Karamanogullari. Fountains built during the Seljuks era can still be found today, and they allow you to trace the history of Uchisar during that period. Water was brought to the fountains from Mount Gemil, situated 2.9 km away, using pipes. Small pools were meant to provide clean water. In 1398, Uchisar was included in the Ottoman Empire, during the reign of Yildirim Bayezid.

The town is built around a hill, and it offers a panoramic view of Cappadocia. It is an indispensable place for anyone looking for history, and natural wonders.

Its most popular attraction, Uchisar Castle is the highest settlement in the region. If you want to view the region from above and take photographs, it’s probably the best spot in the whole region. You should explore the whole castle, except for the parts which have collapsed and damaged. The castle was an important defense point during the Roman and Byzantine periods.

The architecture of the castle is truly amazing. From the outside, it looks like a mass of rocks, but inside, it has a cave, a guardian room, and a joint hall. It also contains passages and tunnels with a honeycombed structure. These tunnels were built by the inhabitants to hide themselves from the invaders. It doesn’t have any antiques, portraits, or frescoes, and the walls and floors are bare.

When you visit Uchisar, you must wander through narrow and winding roads. While walking through the town, you will see the castle, fascinating stone houses, and other incredible rock formations. If it’s possible, you should watch the sunset at the top of Uchisar Castle, as it will be a visual feast you will always remember.

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