Uchisar Castle

Once used as a defense system to defeat enemies, Uchisar Castle is now one of the most prestigious viewpoints in the world. As the name indicates, this castle is located in a small yet beautiful town called Uchisar. Situated 4 kilometers from the town Goreme, the castle has unique attributes that attract visitors every year.

The rich history of the castle only increases its prestige and urges people to experience this. The most attractive thing about this castle is its location in the town. The castle is located at the highest point in Cappadocia which makes it very easy to spot the castle and move towards it. Because it is located at the highest point, it also has a great view from the top that covers all the surrounding areas and mountains. For people who are visiting Cappadocia, they should visit the castle so that they can enjoy its marvels.

Far away from the castle, you can also spot the snowcapped Mounth Erciyes which takes your breath away. If you are visiting the castle in summer, you will feel left out as the cold of the ski resort of Mount Erciyes looks so desirable at this time of year and provides a different experience.

Because of the age of the castle, it has been the victim of erosion and destruction over the past centuries. Although what is left of the fortress, is enough for people to enjoy themselves and have a great time experiencing this. Simply put, the castle has many rooms that are connected by stairs, passages or tunnels and these rooms are hollow in their construction. Because the structure is so old, a lot of these passages and tunnels have been destroyed and most of these rooms cannot be accessed.

Most of the rooms on the north side of the fortress are considered as pigeon dwellings. Pigeons live in these rooms and their droppings are used by the farmers as they are considered as a potent fertilizer. These pigeons are not only found in these rooms but they are also found in other parts of the town such as caves, tunnels etc. and they are considered as an important part of the fortress as they enhance its ambience.

Numerous churches made by cutting the rocks have also been found outside of the fortress. Some churches have also been discovered inside of the fortress. It is believed that the presence of these churches in the Uchisar Castle is because of the town Goreme. The town Goreme which is very close to the castle is believed to have many churches and monasteries. There is a myth roaming around in these areas that Uchisar and other towns such as Ortahisar and Urgup with castles had tunnels so long that they reached the farthest surrounding areas. But this myth stays a myth as it cannot be proved because of the erosion to these tunnels and their destruction that happened over time.

While talking about its rich history, it is important to include that the Uchisar Castle was used as a strong defense mechanism in the 15th and 16th centuries. Because of its elevated location and the presence of rock formations, Byzantines, Romans, Seljuk, and Ottomans used these areas and the castle as intrinsic fortresses to defeat any threats that troubled them. In Persian and Seljuk periods, the fortress was also used as a control center for trade and other purposes. The Uchisar Castle has been enlisted in the UNESCO world heritage list.

Outside the fortress, there some unorthodox looking cafes that are constructed between the rocks. These cafes are great for enjoying a snack with a cup of tea or coffee and taking a rest. To reach the castle, you also have to get through the stairs which can take 5-15 minutes depending upon your speed and anyone including children can get through the stairs.

If you want to enjoy its marvels at their best, it is suggested that you visit the castle in the evening. At this time, you can witness the astounding view of Cappadocia as well as the sunset at the same time.

Furthermore, Goreme town which is filled with cafes and restaurants provides the most suitable accommodations and is located just 4.1 kilometers away from the Uchisar castle. From Goreme, You can either hike which would take more than 2 hours to reach the castle or you can use the local transport.

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