Three Beauties

Mesmerizing attractions in Cappadocia, the Three Beauties are the most unique natural structures in the region. Cappadocia is famous for its fairy chimneys, and Three Beauties also called Three Graces, are three of these magnificent geological formations.

The fairy chimneys are located at the beginning of the Nevsehir Urgup motorway. You can see them on your left side. The Three Beauties Fairy Chimneys are located in the most photographed place in the region, which was also declared as the UNESCO World Heritage site. The region of Cappadocia is visited by around 3 million tourists from within and outside the country, and Three Beauties are the top attraction for them. They love to take photographs here, so if you see albums of visitors of any age you will see the fairy chimneys in the background of the photos.

Three Beauties represents Cappadocia beauty and uniqueness, that’s why they are an integral part of the advertisements and brochures of the holiday tours. Although there are fairy chimneys spread throughout the region, these three chimneys are different due to their hat formations. The chimneys are important for the introduction of the region and although you would see a lot of chimneys in the region, it’s hard to find such magnificent structures.

These beautiful natural formations are popular not only for their incredible structures but for their story as well. Furthermore, tourists are fascinated by the beauty of night lighting. The stories associated with this region play a big role in attracting local and foreign tourists. Many tourists believe in the myths related to the region, so they have to visit it. There is a small shop nearby where you can purchase a souvenir, to keep with you as a memory. It will remind you of your amazing visit to this area.

The town of Urgup is the most famous in Cappadocia along with Goreme. There are certain things that make this place unique and attracts tourists from around the globe. It is one of the most naturally beautiful areas of the region as it contains valleys, fairy chimneys, and amazing landscapes. The cultural value it holds is amazing too with monasteries, cave houses, and artifacts. It also has a very important religious value.

In almost every part of the town, you would see a structure, mostly rock-carved that represents a certain era in history. You can see a structure from the Seljuk era and a mansion from the Ottoman era. Visitors can also see the stone architecture, which Cappadocia is known for. If you see many of the buildings, half part of them is inside a carved rock and half outside. You can also see this traditional architecture in old neighborhoods.

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