Sumbullu Church

Visiting the fascinating Sumbullu Church in Ihlara Valley could be one of the most exciting experiences. It’s a very unique structure and it attracts a lot of visitors. The church is located within a monastery complex in the valley. If you move downstream from the Agacalti Church, you will reach the Sumbullu Church after covering 190 meters. It’s located opposite the Snake Church. It’s often referred to as “Hyacinth” Church. The reason why the church was given this name is that hyacinth flowers grow in abundance in this area.

On the lower façade, the boulders have not been carved, and behind them, there are main rooms. The upper front of the building is highly decorated and it’s different from the courtyard. The interior space is also contrasting.

Upon entering the structure, you get to the first hall which has a flat roof. Interestingly, you can see the kite-shaped cross designs on the roof. Each wall of the structure has seven blind niches. The entrance to the church is on the left, but it wasn’t created until later. To build another room, which was not decorated, the apse on the back wall was expanded. It gives you way towards the courtyard and upper hall through the staircase.

On the right side, the main hall is situated. It has a high vaulted ceiling and on the side, an arched cell was carved. Even though the lower part wore away with time, beneath the arch you can still see the floral and geometric patterns. There are two plain halls, which can be entered from the main hall.

There is a terrace on the second floor of his structure. It has a decorated façade, which is similar to the one in Ala Church. There are large ornate columns that separate the architectural elements. Each of them has a blind window. The facade of the complex is consistent, which is unlike the interior space. The upper hall has only one barrel-vaulted room.

The design of small church is somewhat inconsistent. The nave has a central dome and two transepts, which are the transverse parts of the building, and have oversimplified side apses. As compared to the architecture, the painting is much impressive. The elevated apse has a templon, an arched window, and aborted furniture. The paintings on the right side of the church are well preserved.

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