Russia allowed its citizens to travel to Antalya

Turkey has taken many measures to ensure safe tourism and recently many countries have allowed their citizens to travel to Turkey’s coastline regions.

Germany and Britain warned the tourists from traveling to Spain; it also forced many tourists to look towards Turkey. Now, it has become a quite popular destination among Europeans, and more and more tourists are traveling to Turkey.

The tourist from the UK and Ukraine were the first to travel there, as their travel operation with Turkey resumed. After that, there was another good news for the tourist industry. Russia allowed its citizens to travel to Antalya, Dalaman, and Bodrum. Soon after the warnings were lifted, tourists began to travel to these areas and now the numbers are expected to increase further as Germany’s tourists are heading towards Turkey.

There were many tourists from Germany and the UK, who canceled their plans to travel to Spain and the industry is hopeful they will look towards the country’s coastal provinces. The UK issued a warning against traveling to Spain and Germany followed due to the increasing numbers of coronavirus.

After the recent decisions, there are only a few options for Europeans to travel to and Turkey seems to be the safest one. It is expected the number of tourists will increase with the time given that the number of cases doesn’t increase. During the first two weeks of August, more than 299,000 tourists visited Antalya, most of which are from Russia. Over 19,900 tourists from Russia are visiting Antalya every day.

It is also being said that as compared to the competitors country’s tourism sector has taken more strict and effective measures against the coronavirus. Tourism facilities were asked to receive internationally recognized certificates before providing services to the customers. It will take time for the industry to recover, but the early signs seem to be good.

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