Cappadocia Red Tour

Explore top Cappadocia sights by taking Cappadocia Red Tour and you will make the most of your visit. Cappadocia is a land of spectacular beauty, famous for underground cities, picturesque valleys, and amazing underground cities.

The region was formed millions of years ago due to geographical events. These geological processes are the reason for Cappadocia’s unique landscape and the fairy chimneys. The ancient people carved houses inside these chimneys. They also built rock-cut churches and underground cities. The churches and houses were decorated with frescoes and the purpose of these cities was protection.

So, an ancient region with extreme historical significance that features mystical cities and amazing structures, what more can you want? Well, that’s just what you would get to enjoy if you take a tour.

We should make something clear that Cappadocia is not a town or city, unlike popular belief. It’s a large region and has towns like Goreme and Urgup. So, it’s not possible to explore the whole region in a day or two. This is why the tour companies have started offering three different types of tours, blue, green, and red. The green and red tours are more popular than the blue tour.

The red tour includes attractions like Uchisar Castle, Goreme Open Air Museum, and Devrent Valley. Goreme Open Air Museum includes monasteries and cave churches. There are more than 11 cave churches within the museum and you can explore them through the marked path. Some of these churches also have well-preserved frescoes.

Uchisar Castle offers unique panoramic views over the area. The famous tourist spot is not far from the town of Goreme.

When you visit the Devrent Valley, you will know why it’s also called the Imagination Valley. It doesn’t have cave dwellings like other valleys, and instead, it has a lunar landscape with unique rock formations or fairy chimneys, which resemble the shapes of animals.

One thing you should know about the green and red tours is that both tours include different attractions. The green tour covers Southern Cappadocia and the red tour covers Northern Cappadocia. So, when you are deciding which tour you want to take, the first thing you should consider is the attractions they include.

The red tour covers less area, as compared to the green tour, and you won’t have to go far from Goreme to visit any attraction. So, it’s a better option if you don’t want to travel much. It also involves less physical activity, as you won’t walk or hike much. It’s also a better option if you are with kids.

If you have more time and your budget allows you, you should take both tours or you can take one tour on your first visit, and the other tour on your next visit. Make sure to check the complete details before you book the tour.

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