Pigeon Valley

If you are exploring valleys in Cappadocia, Pigeon Valley should be your next stop. It’s a historical area and when you walk through the valley you will able to learn about its evolution over time. Located in the region of Uchisar, the valley attracts thousands of visitors annually and the numbers keep increasing.

It is one of the most popular hiking trails in Cappadocia, mainly because it runs from Uchisar to Goreme. As indicated by the name, the most famous attraction of the valley is the countless man-made pigeon houses. But, cave dwellings, earth pillars, and ancient paintings are also some notable attractions. You can also visit Uchisar Castle, located close to the valley, and experience magnificent views.

Many things in the valley will catch your attention such as fairy chimneys. The fairy chimneys that you see here would be a little different from what you may have seen in other areas. The valley also hosts many churches that you can visit. There is also a 15m high waterfall.

There is a short, yet impressive trekking route in the valley. You can choose to hike the route on foot or cross it on the bike. This route will lead you to different destinations including Derinkuyu Underground City. You will also pass through caves and thick trees. You can also see several ancient paintings on the walls of the caves. Furthermore, you will see houses carved from rocks, you can identify a house easily by just looking at its window. You can end your hike at any of the viewpoints for the sunset and be amazed by the magnificent view.

When your visit to the Pigeon Valley is complete and you have explored everything you planned, you need to visit Uchisar Castle. The castle is close to the valley and when you go to is top, the views from there are simply stunning. The valley is also perfect for taking a hot air balloon ride as you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic landscape view and take photos.

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