Kiliclar Valley

A short hike in Cappadocia, Kiliclar Valley (Swords Valley) is a perfect option for those visitors who don’t have much time. It’s one of the best valleys to explore. It’s called Sword Valley because of the pointed rock formations that are spread throughout the valley.

There are opportunities for bike riding and horseback riding, but the ideal way to explore the valley is on foot. This way, you will be able to get the best experience and explore every feature that this valley has to offer.

The trail begins from the Goreme Open Air Museum; you can start the hike from either above or below the museum. Following the trail, you can also get to the Red Valley known for red-colored rocks and the Cavusin Village, where you can explore St John’s Church.

We recommend taking the trail that begins from above the museum. Simply, exit the museum and turn right, follow the curvy road for 105 meters and you will get to the entrance on your left. You will go through a narrow tunnel for about 300 meters, it leads to nowhere, but it’s a good experience passing through it. Right before the entrance to the tunnel, you can see mesmerizing pigeon houses on your left.

Now you come to the next section of the trail that’s more like a gorge. You will be surrounded by steep rocky walls as you climb the ladder. You won’t find such a path in many of the trails in Cappadocia, so it makes the valley quite unique. When you reach the end of the narrow gorge, the path becomes wider. You can see several fairy chimneys on both sides, which you can explore.

The landscape there is very unique and you will be completely mesmerized. You will get to another small tunnel, go through it and you will get to the area that has some ruined structures. Soon, you will get to the end of the trail. You can head back to Goreme or if you want to do more hiking and exploring, you can follow the path to Rose Valley.

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