Cappadocia Green Tour

If you are a nature lover, Cappadocia Green Tour would definitely amaze you. If you don’t know much about Cappadocia, you might assume it’s a town. Where, in reality, it’s a large region and has several towns, and in recent years, it has been developed in terms of tourism.

Since it’s a large region, tour companies usually offer two types of tours; Green Tour and Red Tour. Some companies also offer a third option, the Blue Tour. All the options are good, and which one you should pick depends on the places you want to visit, how much time you have, and your budget.

Though, both the green tour and red tour feature great attractions, the places included in one tour are not included in the other tour. So, the first thing you need to see is which tour features the places you want to visit. If you are not sure, which tour to choose or which places you want to visit, we recommended going for a green tour. It’s perfect for people looking for natural beauty or sites worth photographing. Cappadocia is known for its beauty, so what could be better than a green tour?

The green tour or South Cappadocia tour is a great way to explore the top attractions of the region including fairy chimneys, valleys, and underground cities. It is also known as Ihlara Valley Tour. The red tour, however, covers the northern part of Cappadocia.

If you take the green tour, you can visit places like Derinkuyu Underground City, Pigeon Valley, and Ihlara Valley. One difference between these tours is the distance at which the attractions are situated. You can cover a lot with the green tour, as the attractions are not close to each other, unlike the red tour, where all attractions are not far from Goreme. You can access the attractions covered in the red tour by walking or by public transport, but that’s not the case with the green tour. So, the green tour offers better value for money.

You will be able to explore an ancient, multi-level underground city, which is an engineering wonder. It has a complex tunnel system that connects the levels with each other. Think how great it would be to visit such a place and take photographs. You will also visit a valley, probably Ihlara Valley. It’s a stunning green valley with cave churches and cave dwellings. You can visit the churches, which date back to the 7th century. The churches feature murals and frescoes.

If we talk about photography opportunities, then the green tour is better in this regard too, in our view. It offers more variety, and every place offers a different scenery than the other.

Many Cappadocia tour companies offer green tour, and the prices can vary a bit. The tour will cover the entrance fees and the tour guide will lead the group. Before you book a tour, you should do some good research, so you can make an informed decision.

You should note that the green tour takes more time and involves more physical activity. You will have to travel a good distance, do hiking, and move through tunnels in the underground city.

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