Goreme Cave Hotel

Featuring all the modern amenities, Goreme Cave Hotel would give a real cave experience in a modern setting. Goreme is considered the hub town for Cappadocia because it’s the first choice of most tourists. This UNESCO World Heritage site has many attractions, including the open-air museum.

Goreme is livelier than many other towns in Cappadocia. There will be many other tourists, and if you don’t mind that you would have a great experience.

The open-air museum is the highlight of the town of Goreme. It contains the best rock-cut churches in the region and monasteries. The most popular churches within the open-air museum include Apple Church, Buckle Church, and Snake Church. It is believed that these churches were built around the 10th century.

The best way to appreciate the unique landscape of Cappadocia is to hike in one of its valleys. When you are in Goreme, you would have several options, including Rose Valley and Pigeon Valley. The Rose Valley is situated north of Goreme and it’s a beautiful natural wonder. Surreal rock formations and ancient rock-carved churches make it a top attraction. Pigeon Valley connects Goreme with Uchisar and it features churches and pigeon houses.

The town has many accommodation options that suit all budgets. You would most likely stay in a hotel, but you would have to choose between a regular and a cave hotel. We understand that when it comes to spending a night away from home, you don’t want any inconvenience. So, you might reject the idea of staying in a cave hotel at first. But the truth is if you stay at a cave hotel, you wouldn’t be putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

Though the structures for actual cave hotels were built centuries ago, they have been renovated and made comfortable. They offer all the amenities you need, and some hotels even feature a private balcony or terrace and a swimming pool. The rooms are spacious and airy and feature a blend of modern and traditional decoration. Many rooms contain curtains, carpets, handicrafts, as well as some antiques.

Many hotels feature restaurants and cafes that offer breakfast, lunch, and more meal options. The most popular facilities offered include free Wi-Fi, free parking, and airport transfer. The hotels also offer different activities including walking tours, horse riding, and cycling.

You would be able to choose from many rooms, including single and double rooms and luxury suites. Booking a room is quite easy but choosing a hotel and a room can take some time. You would need to do some research to pick the right hotel and room for you.

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