Europe are still facing a rough situation

As the coronavirus crisis has shut down a large part of the tourism industry around the world, Turkey has found somewhat of a solution. It’s offering a healthy tourism program to different markets and has already received some positive response.

While many countries in Europe are still facing a rough situation, and there are not many travel options, Turkey’s initiative is getting a lot of attention. Recently, Germany has lifted the travel ban to several coastal regions. Now, Turkey is looking forward to introducing and promoting its safe tourism program to all potential markets. These initiatives are meant to give a new life to the badly affected tourism sector.

Several ministries including the health ministry are working together to implement the Health Tourism Certification Program and several measures have been taken at airports, hotels, and transportation facilities. The ministries are coordinating with each other to ensure the measures are being followed.

Foreign diplomats and travel agencies have received information about the measures that have been taken, and they as well as the press members are also allowed to check the measures on-site.

A few promotions have been held, the recent one was for the representative of Germany’s top travel agency. Other promotions included countries like Indonesia, Ukraine, and Austria. The events are being conducted abroad as part of the healthy tourism program. The purpose of such events to make officials and tourists aware of the efforts the Turkish government has done to ensure safe travel.

Not only this, but Antalya also hosted the 50 diplomatic mission representatives and 52 foreign press members working in Turkey, as well as their families. The guests were able to examine the measures taken by the government.

The excellent program has yield positive results so far; in fact, the travel agencies started booking tours even before returning home.

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