Emphasis was put on improving security

Some attacks raised a lot of questions in the aviation sector and those questions brought a lot of changes. As a result, we saw a lot of change from flying to tightening security. After 19 years, the coronavirus crisis is affecting aviation in the same way and although the financial damage is a lot more than in 2001, the fear factor has changed. Then, a lot of emphasis was put on improving security, today it’s about improving social distancing.

Preparation was being carried out for the huge April convention, AIX in Hamburg. The production rate was increasing and airlines were keen to upgrade their aircraft to improve their passengers’ travel experience. Almost every career’s priority was to distinguish itself from competitors.

When the pandemic hit it reduced the airliner deliveries and now a 59% sale is expected to the early 2020 levels. The recovery would be slow and might complete in 2023 when we might see a new normal situation. The companies and manufacturers are cautious as the future is uncertain. Furthermore, if you want to know about the subject, you can research. There are many informations about this topic.

Even though the air demand has increased slightly and travel restrictions are being lifted slowly, the demand for interior products would only increase with time. Companies are not sure whether to buy a new air fact or even place an order or not. After we saw a considerable increase in air travel demand, only then the market situation would improve. He says we expect the revenue to fall by 60% as compared to last year. He says some of the companies that had postponed deliveries are not ready to deliver, but still, the next year won’t be the same as 2019, maybe 2021 would be. Even though the demand is low it provides an opportunity for the companies to improve their products and services.

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