Devrent (Imaginary) Valley

A spectacular tourist destination, Devrent Valley is different from other valleys in the region. It is an area never inhabited by humans, so it’s easy to suppose that there are no cave churches or castle or tombs, and what attracts the visitors are the unique rock formations.

The valley is located in the Avanos region of the Cappadocia. It is also known as Imaginary Valley. There are many interesting features to explore here including fairy chimneys and animal-shaped rocks; you can easily spot the rocks that resemble snake, dolphin, and seal. Furthermore, you will also see a camel-shaped rock. You can use your imagination when exploring the valley and get a better experience.

This area has an unearthly appearance, the reason why it is called lunar landscape or moonscape by many people, and to learn how it earned this name, you have to see the region from above.

The area was an inland sea and the eruption of volcanoes and the lava resulted in the sea to dry and hence the valley emerged. The lava was formed into the unique structures by rain and wind and today these structures are the biggest attraction in the valley.

As the structures are consist of lava and tuff, they have been greatly affected by winds and storms for a long period and when the sun rays produced their effect, the rocks changed their color. The rocks in the valley have a pinkish color, especially if you see them during sunset or sunrise, and hence the valley is also called Pink Valley.

The valley also hosts unique fairy chimneys, which have different legends associated with them. It’s one of the top valleys to explore fairy chimneys. The landscape produces different images at different times of the day due to the varying sunlight.

The valley lies on the road between Avanos and Urgup. If you drive from the center of Goreme town, it will take around 18 minutes to cover the distance of 9km and get to the valley. There are different tours available as well, you can choose them if you want to avoid any hassle.

The views and scenery this valley has to offer are unlike other places in the region. If you get off the beaten path, you can examine these unique structures including the earth pillars.

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