Cruise trips are safe than before

The trend for spending a weekend or celebrating any occasion on a ship or a cruise is rising with time and rightly so as it’s safer than ever before. Governments as well as manufacturers have implemented certain regulations to ensure safe trips.

Technology has advanced greatly in the last 50 years or so and today things that were accessible only to a few people are available for everyone around the world. While we are amazed by the new inventions and solutions, there are questions that still need to be answered. When something appears unnatural or works against the physics, we are bound to have some questions in our mind.

One example of such a mechanism is the machines flying in the sky carrying tonnes of weight and hundreds of people. A few centuries ago, it was not believable; no one could have thought that one day such a machine would be built. Another example is the large ships and cruises.

Whenever a heavy object is thrown into the water it sinks, whether it is a hammer or a coin. In fact, we would drown in the water if we don’t know how to swim. Then how these ships and cruise are able to stay afloat, exactly what phenomenon keeps them from sinking into the water.

Cruise trips are normal these days and only for the rich people. They have become more affordable and the statistics tell us that more than 25 million people take cruises every year.

Today, almost everyone can take a cruise as it’s not as expensive as before and there are no social distinctions. Some cruises are quite simple while others, branded as luxurious, have restaurants, swimming pools, and meeting rooms. Such cruises are often very huge with a length exceeding a few hundred meters. They carry a lot of weight; hundreds of people are on board along with their luggage. So, the weight of the cruise can be thousands of tonnes, but why it does not sink in the water, while a simple coin sinks immediately.

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