Have a remarkable travel experience when you visit Cavusin, a small village that’s among the earliest settlements in the region. You can reach the village by following the Avanos-Goreme road, it’s only 2.9 km away from Goreme. Upon reaching the village, you will first see a small village square, from where you will get an amazing view of fairy chimneys and artifacts. It’s dominated by a cliff where lies abandoned houses and ruined churches. This could be the starting point for your tour.

The churches in the villages are different than many other churches in the sense that the images inside are very interesting. These paintings, though, made centuries ago, are still in good condition. The paintings show different religious moments.

The village is a special place and it has a historical tale to tell. It has got several historical structures that attract visitors. The residents of this region centuries ago built cave houses that you can see on the upper part of the village. Stones were used to build houses with higher thermal insulation power, because of the hot climate in the village. Both Muslims and Christians have a long history with this village and it has been an important place for both religions. This is why you not only see churches here but mosques as well. There are many shops here that sell different products. Also, there are small boutique cafes from where you can try local dishes.

There are several hiking trails as well, so if you love trekking, that’s an additional interesting point for you. You can hike these beautiful trails and explore the village in the meantime.

Keen interest in Ceramics

Many towns and villages in Cappadocia specializes in ceramics work. There are many people there, families, in fact, who have mastered the ceramics work, and they develop and sell unique artistic works. If you have a good time in this region, and you want something to remember this region by, you can purchase a ceramic product. There are many shops that can provide you with souvenirs and antiques in Cavusin. Pottery making is also very popular here.

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