Cave Homes in Cappadocia, Turkey

An ideal family travel experience would be for you to stay in Cappadocia cave homes and see what it’s like to go back in time. While visiting Turkey, many people’s wish lists include visiting Cappadocia, and spending a night in a cave hotel is on top of their bucket lists. It’s not hard to figure out why. For centuries, the Cappadocia people have lived underground or in caves, and those old cave homes have been turned into cave hotels.

If you are with family, you may prefer to stay in an ordinary hotel, which is alright, but you should at least spend a night in a cave hotel. It’s an important part of the Cappadocia experience. It would be an unforgettable experience that your family would be talking about for years to come, and that’s what family travel is all about.You will feel as if you have gone back in time and get an idea of how people lived in these structures for centuries.

All hotels allow you to enjoy great views over the landscape. But, some hotels offer better views over the fairy chimneys and the valleys, and some are perfect to watch hot air balloons at sunrise.

Your first idea of a cave hotel might be of a cold, dark room, with nothing much to offer, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, these structures are carved from rocks, but most of them offer all the luxuries of modern life, while still incorporating old features. They have TVs, hot tubs, bathrooms, and other amenities that regular hotels offer. You would love their interiors as well. Keep in mind that there are handmade cave hotels as well, these are not real cave hotels, and they just look like one.

You will also see luxury cave homes which often have a restaurant and a pool. If you want to watch hot air balloons, you can go to the terrace, and if the hotel doesn’t have a terrace, there might be a small window.

We are sure you have made up your mind to spend a night in a cave hotel on your next visit to Cappadocia. But, you must probably be wondering how much it costs to stay in a cave hotel. The cost depends on different factors including location, property size, and season. Since they are cave hotels, they don’t usually have many rooms, and due to the higher demand, the prices are usually high. There are many inexpensive hotels that you can opt for. The fact that they cost less doesn’t mean they are not good enough. You need to book a hotel well in advance.

While booking a hotel, not only should you consider the amenities and price, but the location as well. You might prefer to book a hotel that’s located closer to the town center or closer to major attractions like a museum or a valley.

Staying in a cave home is definitely a unique and memorable experience, and you might not find anyone who has stayed in them to disagree with this. Just think about it, is there anything like sleeping in a room first occupied centuries ago?

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