Cappadocia Cave Dwellings

If you have never stayed at Cappadocia cave dwellings, it’s about time you get the experience. There are not many places on earth that can conjure up as much wonder as Cappadocia. A visit to this magical region would blow your mind and it would be like you have stepped back in time. The region is surrounded by ancient civilizations and features fairy chimneys formed by geographic events. The cave houses carved right out of the rock are signs of these old civilizations. These houses depict the uniqueness of this region.

If you visit Cappadocia and don’t stay in a cave hotel you would miss out on an interesting experience. If this is your first time staying in a cave hotel, you might be reluctant at first, but you should know that these hotels are just like regular hotels, except for the fact that they were built centuries ago. These hotels are extremely comfortable and clean and offer all the modern amenities. The amenities offered include a telephone, free internet, and TV. If you pay more, you can get a fireplace, a garden view, and a rooftop terrace. Some Cappadocia hotels also offer other services like laundry service, free parking service, and airport transfer. All the cave hotels have different types of rooms including deluxe family rooms and suites.

Many hotels also offer tours and activities. You can take a photography tour, a horseback riding tour, or a hiking tour. You can also take cooking classes, or enjoy a local show. The tours might include breakfast, lunch, dinner, a guide, and a museum ticket. When you are booking a hotel room, you can book these tours as well.

Instead of finding a hotel on the spot, you should book one in advance. Because, once you get there, the cave rooms might not be available. It will also allow you to select a hotel and a room after thorough research. You can take a look at different hotels, see the amenities and services each offers, and compare prices.

But before you book a hotel, you need to decide which town or towns you would visit. All the towns in Cappadocia are beautiful and feature amazing attractions. Whether you stay in Goreme, Uchisar, or Urgup, you will be mesmerized. But this does not mean that these towns don’t have distinct personalities. So you would need to do some research for this as well. See the attractions each town offers and the cost of staying there. When you have decided which town you want to stay in, you can look for the cave hotels in that town.

Your visit to Cappadocia could be very special if you make the most of it. It’s recommended to spend at least 3 days and visit at least two towns.

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