Air gliders to take the air by the storm

Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, and operating through Minden, Nevada, Perlan is one of the finest aircraft companies that aim to explore the sky in 2021. After the coronavirus breakout in the current year, Perlan had to pause all of its operations. As the pandemic is on the verge of an end, the company has decided to take its operations one step ahead with their new project called Perlan 2.

After achieving 75,122ft of altitude not more than 2 years ago, the jetliner representing the company under discussion made a world record. Perlan became the 2nd aircraft to reach the highest altitude after Lockheed’s SR-71 which holds the first position on achieving the altitude of 84,939ft.

In 2021, when the normal routine is resumed, the company aims to cross the 89,955ft landmark so that they can hold the first position in the ranking. Not only that, with Perlan 2, and after that, the company hopes to set a new landmark of 99,980ft. Although it might be a struggle because to set that target they will require ultrasonic technologies. They are pretty sure that they can make everything possible in the time to come.

In addition to that, with the new tech called occultation sensor, Perlan is motivated to bring scientists with more ease to better understand the effects of different environmental factors. When in effect, these sensors will provide a much larger amount of data specific to the water vapor in the stratosphere. Water vapors that are thought to have their effects on weather and climate change, also affect global warming. With the help of the new tech, the scientists will be able to predict the atmospheric changes early and in a concise way.

The airwaves present in the atmosphere also impact the flight of the jetliners. Perlan has a theory that the alterations in the airwaves can be used to reduce the quantity of the fuel burned. Although they have tested this theory on a smaller scale, they aim to go large with this so they can help everyone benefit from this.

The specifications of the Perlan 2 aircraft are unique to it. It has a total weight of 1990lbs, 83ft of wingspan, and cabin pressure maintained at 8.4psi. The flights of the Perlan 2 will be resumed early in 2021. The flights are scheduled to ascend between February and April and they will be conducted in the USA over the Sierra Nevada Mountains which are also known as one of the greatest wave-producing areas of the USA. After that, the company will take its operations to Argentina in May 2021.

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