Aggressive aircraft buying approach to dominate

A strategy paper has been released by the USAF chief of staff General Charles Brown is which he has said that we need to accelerate change or lose. The aggressive approach to buying aircraft and missiles is influenced by China and Russia’s approach to developing excessive weapons.

He also stated that China and other competitors are making aggressive efforts to effects the USA’s warfighting advantages. Their efforts are also dangerous for the country’s interest and geological positions. We were focused on defeating violent organizations, while those countries were planning on defeating us.

They have designed systems for the purpose to defeat USAF capabilities and this took years of study and research. They want to outdo the American way of war and that can only happen if you get aerial supremacy, only then land and naval forces would be able to succeed. A huge investment has been made in anti-aircraft missile batteries that can shoot down our aircraft, by competitors like China and Russia. They have also invested in long-range ballistic and cruise missiles and they are planning to develop nuclear-tipped hypersonic missiles.

He added further that war is not far ahead and we need to be prepared to answer any attempt to hold our homeland at risk. Countries might use conventional, unconventional, or nuclear force, so we need full preparation for if such a day comes. They are manufacturing weapons that are much faster than USA’s weapons, so we need to develop counter weapons and plan tactics and strategies.

For a long period, we have enjoyed the advantage of the time when the air force was completely dominant, but now competitors are ready to challenge that dominance. We need to bring commercial technologies to use and gain new ideas from innovative defense companies.

He said that we have done an effort to build a battlefield communications network that can help us in winning. This network would help all the forces to co-ordinate and co-operate with each other to counter any challenges from China, Russia, or other countries. In short, we need a ruthless approach to deal with these challenges.

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