Saratli Kirkgoz Underground City

When you are visiting Cappadocia, it could be overwhelming to pick the places to visit, but, the Saratli Kirkgoz Underground City should definitely be on your list. The underground city is within the borders of town of Saratli, which is located in the province of Aksaray. It’s just a five-minute drive from St. Mercurius Underground City. It was used by the early Christians as a shelter, as they were fleeing from the Romans.

The place was formed a long time ago when the Mount Hasan, a volcano, erupted. Thousands of years later, the underground cities were built by the residents who carved and shaped the stone layers.

In recent years, the Saratli Kirkgoz Underground City has become a favorite destination of the tourists, thanks to its well-preserved condition, landscape planning, and ideal location. The underground city hosts tour group regularly, and sometimes, more than one tour groups arrive here at the same time, and it becomes a bit overcrowded. In such a case, visiting the St. Mercurius Underground City in Saratli is a better option.

The underground city is situated on the south side of the town. It has five main parts, but you won’t go as deep as in some other underground cities like “Derinkuyu” or “Kaymakli“. The whole city can be navigated easily much like the Gaziemir Underground City in Aksaray. The city served mainly as a barn, and the building is preserved to date with several changes. If you have already visited the St. Mercurius Underground City, it would appear to be a smaller city.

The early Christians settled here, as they needed to hide from the Romans. There were times when they were not even able to go outside for several months, so they build the city in a way that could help them survive for months without leaving the city. The town is of utmost historical significance. The town of Saratli has two underground cities that are open for tourists.

If you are looking for an interesting place to visit on the weekends, it’s a very good option. To reach the town, you can take the Aksaray – Nevsehir highway turn right after 23km. And after 2.7km from there, you will reach the town. If you want to purchase local goods, eat, or spend the night, there are many options.

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