Uchisar Cave Homes

Carved centuries ago, Uchisar Cave Homes are the remnants of the old civilizations. Uchisar is a small town in Cappadocia, located at a distance of about 5.8 kilometers from the popular town of Goreme. The town is a popular destination, because of its dramatic landscape, luxury hotels, and castles. It is one of the best places in Cappadocia to observe and explore fairy chimneys. If you want to get a view of the region from the top, it’s probably your best option. As not only can you get to the highest point in Cappadocia, the views from there are spectacular, with fairy chimneys, valleys, and underground cities lying below.

Though Goreme is a preferred town for many tourists, as it’s the hub of Cappadocia for hotels and transport, you should not return without visiting Uchisar. As the town receives fewer tourists than Goreme, you can visit it more peacefully. And as it’s not far away from Goreme, you can visit it after your visit to Goreme is completed.

Uchisar is a place where history and nature collide, creating a landscape that’s strange yet beautiful. From lunar landscapes and fairy chimneys to towering castles, it’s a place like no other.

The unusual rock formations, commonly known as fairy chimneys were created thousands of years ago as a result of the geologic process. Later, humans carved these structures and formed homes and churches. They have housed the Assyrian, Hittite, Ottoman civilizations, and more. Cave houses are spread throughout Cappadocia, and they overlook a great area surrounded by mountains. These caves are also used as a secret refuge by Christians escaping persecution. Many of the caves have now been restored and renovated, and as they have been turned into hotels, you can stay at them.

These cave houses are fully equipped and offer amenities like a saloon, kitchen, bathroom, and terrace. They feature the traditional architecture of Cappadocia as well as traditional decor which often include priceless antiques as well as modern amenities like a television. Different types of rooms are offered by all the hotels.

Many hotels offer tours and activities, which you can also book while booking a room. Just make sure these tours include the top attractions of Uchisar. The first thing that you should see is the Uchisar Castle. It’s the biggest castle in the town and features amazing architecture. The castle contains a cave, passages, tunnels, and more. For centuries it was used as a defensive castle and a watch tower, so exploring it would be an interesting experience. Next on your bucket list should be the Pigeon Valley, which features pigeon houses, cave homes and churches, a waterfall, and a river.

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