The public seems happy as well as the tourists

After some dry few months, finally, there is some positive news for the Turkish tourism industry. Germany has allowed its citizens to visit Turkey’s coastal provinces during the summer holidays.

The industry was in need of such news as it was affected badly by the crisis when there was literally no tourism. The public seems happy as well as the tourists who are looking forward to visiting Turkey. The representatives of the industry seem delighted and have welcomed the initiative with a warm heart. They believe in this crisis situation Turkey would be a safe destination for the tourists.

The decision was made by the German foreign ministry who allowed citizens to travel to Antalya, Mugla, Izmir, and Aydin and other places. The reason behind the decision was the decline in coronavirus cases in these areas, where the positive cases fell to only 5 per 100,000 citizens in a week.

The official of both countries sat down and made this decision as a part of resuming tourism between Turkey and Germany. The head of POYD said that Antalya has missed hosting the Germans and Germans have missed the hospitality of Antalya.

The head of AKTOB also responded to the decision by saying we will continue to enforce strict regulations for a safe environment. The government spokesperson said that we will enforce special regulations in these four places so that no tourist gets affected by the virus. It was also decided that all tourists willing to tour Turkey would have to take a coronavirus test within 48 hours of the expected departure. If the test result is negative, only then the tourists would be allowed to travel.

Germany imposed a travel restriction in March, giving warning to its citizen to not travel to other countries because of the crisis and restrictions on air travel. After three months, the warning for the European Union and the Schengen countries was lifted but remained so for other countries.

Last year, almost 5 million German visited Turkey, which provided a boost to the local and national economy. But, this year the tourism industry has suffered a great financial loss, but with the Germans allowed to visit, the hopes are restored for a quick recovery.

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