Pancarlik Valley

One of the many underrated valleys in the region of Cappadocia, Pancarlik Valley is a phenomenal destination and you should head there without any delay. The valley is located near the town of Ortahisar, in between Mustafapasa and Soganli Valley.

So, if you are in Mustafapasa, travel south in Soganli’s direction, and on the right side, you will see a turn that will take you to Pancarlik Valley. The valley is not the most visited, and it’s only because it’s not famous as compared to several other valleys in the region. But, the views it offers are beautiful, the landscape is spectacular as you pass through pink and white rocks and much more.

This valley is one of the most wonderful places in Cappadocia to relax and enjoy nature. The landscape is pretty amazing, especially during sunset when all the tourists gather together to watch it. You shouldn’t just hike through the valley, you need to see all the structures, spots, and rocks from a very close distance. You can go to a higher spot and see the view from there, it will be a beautiful sight.

Furthermore, you can visit historic churches carved from rocks. The valley has three churches carved from rocks and they are the main attraction for the visitors. The most famous church and certainly the most important is a monastic church, Pancarlik Church situated within a group of rock cones. The church was built in the early 11th century.

The church has a flat ceiling and it’s covered with frescoes that can be seen clearly. Even though the church is old, the frescoes are still in good condition and you can see the paintings, painted in mostly red and green color. Even if they lock the church, the frescoes can be seen from outside.

If you look at the structure of the church, it’s nicely built with a flat ceiling, one nave, and one apse. The paintings are well-maintained and you can see them. Some people say two artists were involved, but it is pretty clear that all the frescoes were painted by same the artist on a green background. The frescoes depict the scenes from the Bible and there are also portraits of saints.

Near the Pancarlik Church, another church is located, Sarica Church that has been restored recently. It was discovered very last as it was hidden under mounds of earth. The third church is small and does not have any proper paintings, but you can see red sketches.

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