Istanbul to Cappadocia Tours

When you are done touring Istanbul, take Istanbul to Cappadocia tours and enjoy a different holiday experience. When you think of visiting Turkey, Istanbul is probably the first attraction that comes to your mind. It is indeed a very popular attraction in Turkey, and worth a trip. But, you should also visit Cappadocia, a spectacular region in Central Anatolia. There are many Istanbul to Cappadocia tours available that you can take and we will talk about them in detail later.

As Cappadocia is an ancient and historical region, history lovers would find this place to be very amazing. It contains centuries-old structures including cave dwellings and underground cities and the unusual rock formations, also known as fairy chimneys are a wonder.

But, whether or not you are a history lover, a trip to Cappadocia would definitely amaze you. It’s beautiful, contains a lot of attractions, and offers many amazing activities like horse riding. So, the ideal thing would be to spend as much time as you can in Cappadocia and explore as many attractions as you can. We recommend you to visit an underground city, a valley, a monastery, explore a fairy chimney, and stay in a cave hotel. There are many other places and activities as well, so in the end, it’s all about your interest.

There are many options from which you can choose based on how much time you have, the places you want to see, and your budget. If you have a short time, a two-day tour is an ideal choice. You will visit the main attractions in a short time and learn what Cappadocia is all about.

The two-day tours offered by most companies include the North Cappadocia tour on the first day and South Cappadocia tour on the second day. On the first day, you will visit Uchisar Castle, which was once used as a watch tower and a defensive castle. It has two fairy chimneys and offers spectacular views of the area. Your next stop will be Goreme Open Air Museum. It contains ancient cave churches, which feature well-preserved paintings. Next, you will visit the town of Avanos, which is known for pottery workshops, and the Red River. After that, you will go to Pasabag Valley to explore fairy chimneys.

The second day, you may visit the Red Valley, Love Valley, and Kaymakli Underground City. Visiting an underground city in Cappadocia is a fantastic journey, doesn’t matter which city you visit. These underground cities have rooms, kitchens, stables, and ventilation systems.

The longer tours usually include a visit to other cities as well, like Pamukkale, so if you don’t want to visit other cities, you should go for a 2-day tour. You can choose a tour that includes places you want to visit and offer services you want.

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