Quick Quack Car Wash Near Me

When you are done driving in the mud, take your car to Quick Quack car wash near me so they can rinse all the mud off. The company was founded by a group of determined business partners, who shared an unwavering passion for providing an outstanding car wash experience.

Quick Quack Car Wash Near Me

Quick Quack Car Wash Near Me

It started as a local car wash in Sacramento California and was initially called Splash & Dash Car Wash. A few years later, the company experienced a significant milestone when it acquired a Texas-based chain called Quick Quack Car Wash.

It also led to the adoption of the Quick Quack name across all of their locations. This strategic move propelled their growth, and today they have over 200 locations in several states, including California and Texas.

The company looks toward further growth but the values of positively impacting lives and communities still remain at the core of its business model.

Wouldn’t you want to be able to have your vehicle washed whenever and wherever you want? We are sure every car enthusiast would love this. This is why the company offers an unlimited membership.

As a member, you can pull up at any of their locations and have your car washed and you won’t even have to wait in a long line. With access to member quick lanes at most locations, you will enjoy shorter wait times. This is not the only benefit of getting the membership, as you would also save money. The membership allows you to enjoy significant discounts on your monthly car washes, as you don’t have to pay for individual washes every time.

Another benefit of this membership is that you can extend the benefits of a clean car to the entire family. With their multi-car wash discount pricing, you can keep all your vehicles spotless under a single account.

It’s an amazing program as the customers find great value in it and team members love greeting familiar faces in the membership lanes. You have the option to purchase a membership online or from any of their locations. If you do it online, you have to register and create an account first. You can change or cancel your membership anytime you want.

They don’t see car washing as just a chore, they want to spread more cheerful cheer. They are also very efficient. Imagine stepping into their showroom and witnessing the transformation of your vehicle in a mere 3 minutes. Even during busy periods, their streamlined processes ensure that you will be on your way in no time. With the ability to wash 165 cars per hour, they keep the lines moving quickly.

Not many car wash companies are committed to customer satisfaction like Quick Quack. If, by any chance, you are not completely thrilled with the results, they will gladly rewash your vehicle on the spot. And it’s not just the exterior that receives attention. You can also take advantage of their complementary vacuums and dash wipes to give your car’s insides a touch of elegance.

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